day three. who will tell your story?

Since Jamie and I started planning our wedding we have had to learn a few hard lessons about budgeting. It is probably the most difficult thing to talk about and it’s not fun, but it is a reality. I have photographed many weddings in the past few years, I  have seen some breathtaking venues, amazing details, beautiful dresses, lovely lighting, rocking bands. I am constantly searching online for inspiration and staying on top of my field. As I’ve mentioned it’s really, like way too easy, to get caught up in all of these things.

If you are reading this and have an unlimited budget, well then that’s great. But I’m pretty sure that most of us are in a situation where we need to prioritize, to create a budget that works but also reflects the things that are most important to us. Throughout this month I’ll be sharing more detailed information about budgeting and I will also share weddings that I think are absolutely beautiful and they happened within a reasonable budget. I want to share these things, because I think it’s tough to realize or visualize that a wedding can be beautiful and meaningful and still within your means.

But before I get into those resources I want to address my most important priority while we are planning our wedding. That is our wedding photographer. I know I might be biased, but honestly, think about it – you spend all this money on a venue, on a dress, on flowers, on lighting, on a band, on food…

You wake up the morning of your wedding and you get ready with your closest friends, you have a first look and share one of the most special moments with your husband to be, you have a beautiful ceremony that is witnessed by your closest family and friends, then you drink, eat and dance the night away.

You wake up the next day and you carry on with life, your wedding day has passed. Guess what? The photographer you choose for your wedding will be meticulously going through the photos of your day. Hand editing each one to perfection, putting moments and memories together into a story that you can relive over and over and show to your children and  your grandchildren.

I’m sorry, but to me, that is priceless.

To be honest, my whole budget revolves around my photographer. It’s so important. You will be so disappointed if your photographs aren’t phenomenal. Trust me. So important.

Who will tell your story?




What is the most important aspect of  planning your wedding? What is the one thing that you will not compromise on? 

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