In a couple of weeks I will be turning twenty six years old – and I could not be more excited. As another year passes and another birthday comes and goes, I look forward to this year ahead of me. I believe this year has much in store for me as I begin an adventure I had previously never imagined I would undertake – starting a business of my own. The process of starting Kirsten Manick Photography has been more than learning about taxes, sole proprietorship, marketing, and the like. This business is my heart. I feel so passionate about photography and the decision to push to make it a career feels so right. I feel satisfied, excited, and ready to push myself like I never have before.

So I invite you – my friends, family, fellow photographers, and future clients – to come along for the ride this year. Bookmark my RSS feed, follow me on twitter, interact with me on facebook. If there is one thing I have learned thus far it is that nothing is more valuable that a group of people that support, love, and care about your passions.

In an attempt to be a more consistent and present blogger – I am challenging myself to update once a week about the ups and downs of this exciting journey over the course of the year.

And so begins a very promising twenty sixth year…

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