If you are like me…

If you are like me you tell yourself the little details are not what is most important.

If you are like me you would rather coordinate off the cuff.

If you are like me you convince yourself it will all just end up coming together perfectly.

If you are like me, there is also this crazy girl voice whispering to you in the back of your head. She tells you that the details will definitely set the tone for your whole wedding, that there is no way to be spontaneous for a wedding; it must be planned, and that there is no way in hell it will all come together unless you pine away over every little detail.

It’s ok. Weddings bring out the crazy in the best of us. Try to stay grounded. Eat healthy, practice yoga, go for walks to clear your mind or make a fire in your backyard and drink beer with your fiance to celebrate finishing your save the dates.

Whatever you do, try not to let the crazy consume you.





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