day twenty four. thoughts & calligraphy.

Everyone is afraid of failure. Afraid that what they are doing isn’t good enough so they stop trying. Sometimes I feel that way with my business. It’s something that is so personal, it’s a reflection of myself and my art. Each business decision that I make it is like putting a piece of my heart out on the line and hoping that people like what I’m throwing out there. Because all that I really want to do is meet amazing people, to be a part of their story, take beautiful photos that they can treasure and remember a moment of their life with, develop as an artist and as a person. Man, there is a lot weighing on that dream.

That’s what this is all about.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel like I want to be doing more than I am doing now. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things the wrong way. I worry because failure is uncomfortable. But we aren’t growing as people if we aren’t a little uncomfortable at times and beautiful things usually don’t develop from complacency.

It will happen, I don’t give up. And I am always working to fight the fear of failure.

Wow. So those are my thoughts for tonight…sometimes it’s nice just to write them down.

Back to sharing : )

I love this post on DIY wedding calligraphy from Knotty Bride. If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, it is one of the most resourceful if not entertaining wedding blogs out there and this calligraphy tutorial is definitely something I would like to try out even if I don’t end up making my own wedding invites. I love lettering and design so this is right up my alley.

Click here to find the complete DIY tutorial included a supplies list and more beautiful examples…

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.


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