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Lately I have been really into the idea of handmade bouquets. I like the idea of having something that will last forever that will help me remember my wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore beautiful flower arrangements – and I am not sure which route I would take on this one yet myself. Again, there is nothing like a professional creating a beautiful arrangement – that in itself is a piece of art. But I wanted to share with you a resource for a DIY bouquet and also arrangements from an etsy seller that I think would make a fabulous alternative flower arrangement for your wedding bouquet.

Disclaimer: I partially blame Brandi and Carlton for leading me down this path. Brandi’s handmade brooch bouquet (made by Carlton!) was absolutely stunning. It really was a piece of art. And it is something that Brandi will be able to treasure forever. Imagine being able to show this to your children and grandchildren while telling them all of your wedding stories:



If I was going to have someone make my bouquet it would definitely be the Etsy seller My Bohemian Summer. Her arrangements are so unique and they have a simple elegance about them. A little bit about the shop:

At My Bohemian Summer, we believe that our art should be beautiful, uniquely designed and timeless. Using paper as our medium with origami, kirigami and paper sculpting techniques, we take pride in every fold and cut. Our attention to detail helps up to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are far from the mundane.

We begin with eco-friendly and recycled paper and supplies. Then each piece is folded and cut into beautiful works of art that are low impact on the Earth.

I have lately been interested in combining old and new, past and present into my wedding. I think that there is something so beautiful about combining opposites. So, I was thinking it would be interesting to combine real and paper flowers in my bridal bouquet. I like that it has a touch of sentiment and a touch of natural beauty. I haven’t done much research on this concept yet, so if you know any resources or website along these lines feel free to share! I did find this DIY yourself tutorial combining real and paper flowers. There are literally TONS of tutorials on how to fold flowers, so it would be as simple as finding one that appeals to you, and pairing it with fresh flowers that would compliment your arrangement.

You can find this tutorial by Jesi Haack Designs here.

The other day I saw a beautiful bouquet of poppies and recycled book page flowers. It was gorgeous. But of course I didn’t bookmark it. If you have seen it or you do see it please share the link!!! I’ve been dying to find it again 🙂

What do you think of alternative bouquet ideas? Is this something you might implement in your own wedding? Have any more sources of information, tips…? Please share!




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