day thirty. plus or minus a few ;)

So I planned 30 days of giving: tips, inspiration and advice from a wedding photographer and bride to be to share with readers some inside information I have come up with as a wedding photographer and a bride to be. I missed a few days when I took a last minute trip to Seattle, and then I missed more days when I made a last minute trip for New Years.

The short of all this is, the last seven days or so of giving haven’t gone as smoothly as planned.


I want to make up for it. In a pretty major way.

Tomorrow a huge give away, the first I have ever done, will be announced on one of my favorite blogs The Loveliest Day. Please check it out first thing in the morning. Spread the word, it’s going to be killer. I have to admit I am pretty excited about this one.

I also want to continue giving in another way, by sharing a weekly roundup of my favorite posts, ideas, inspiration on a weekly basis. I do tons of research as a wedding photographer, and I am doing even more wedding research now that I am a bride to be. While I love the idea of creating a completely separate blog to share and track my journey to marriage I figure why not share it on my wedding photography site. Once a week, awesome information….I’ll gather up all the info I find and share with you my favorite stuff.

More on that next week. In the mean time, wake up, check out The Loveliest Day first thing tomorrow morning – it will be the best day of giving to date!

Tis’ the season 😉


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