day ten. so, you love pictures – take your wedding photography one step further.

If photography is important to you, and I’m guessing it is if you are reading these blog posts, you are going to want to make the most of your wedding photography experience. I always suggest either shooting a boudoir session, trash the dress, or day after session. One of my favorites to shoot are trash the dress sessions, because it allows my couples to be creative and have fun in front of the camera. Trash the dress session always guarantee unique and artistic photos. I asked Rochelle, one of my 2012 brides to explain a bit about why she is choosing to do a trash the dress session. She gave me an amazing response:

Kirsten asked me to tell her a little bit about why I decided I wanted her to shoot a trash the dress session for me and why I even decided I wanted to do one.  It took me a little bit to figure that out because the first time I saw photos from a trash the dress shoot I was in awe I knew I wanted to it! I wasn’t engaged yet I don’t even think I was in a serious relationship at the time I just thought wow that looks fun and I really want to do that.  When I got engaged a few months ago and decided to use Kirsten as my photographer I asked her to do a trash the dress session and started looking for inspiration and thinking more about it.  I am getting married on the beach so that made it even more exciting because there is so much we can do to get amazing photos.

People have asked me how could you do that to a dress you are spending that much money on?  You have a daughter, don’t you want to pass that dress on to her?  What are you going to get from ruining your dress?  So I began to think more about it and question myself and then I came to the same conclusion. I want to have those amazing pictures, I want to have fun with the love of my life after all the stresses that we have gone through over the last year planning our wedding are over.  I highly doubt that my daughter will ever wear my dress! I thought about wearing my moms dress and couldn’t even begin to fit into it, so I decided to take a little of it and make it into a garter.  I am going to have mine cleaned and save it and my daughter can do what she wishes with it. If it doesn’t come clean then I’m sure she won’t even know the difference.   What am I going to get out of trashing my dress???? AHHHMAZING Pictures……and I LOVE pictures!!!!!

I am very excited about how much fun we will have during our trash the dress shoot, with each other and with our amazing photographer Kirsten Manick. I can’t wait for you to all see the results!!

I love that Rochelle shares photos with me that she finds inspirational. It gives me an idea of what kind of style she is drawn to, what things she finds beauty in and what kind of images she is attracted to. Even before her wedding I will be able to envision her images because I have such a clear sense of her style. Here are some images that she shared with me for her trash the dress inspiration:



One of my favorite sessions to date was a trash the dress shoot with Nicole, and I personally believe we got some pretty incredible and artistic images. Nicole had the opportunity to totally let go and get creative in front of the camera. This is where feeling comfortable and having a relationship where your photographer gets you and you get your photographer is absolutely critical.


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