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I recently came across this blog post from Offbeat Bride and it really got me thinking.

The post is about guests leaving their cameras at home in order to be fully present at a wedding instead of getting wrapped up in taking photos of their own. I have noticed this more and more at weddings, as everyone usually has a phone with a camera. On top of it many people are connected through social networking sites, and can’t wait to get their photos up to share with their friends and family. It’s an interesting concept: do I film this moment and have it forever to watch again, or do I put my camera down and fully experience what is happening in the moment.

Sure, I could put up several photos to show what it looks like with everyone’s camera up at the ceremony or during the first dance etc, I could complain about people who get in the way because they are trying to take their own photos. However, that is not the point – for me anyway. As a photographer I am there to document your day, whether it be with 200 guests that all have cameras or 20 guests involved in an intimate ceremony. It is really up to the couple and what they feel comfortable with.

I am bringing up this point because it is an interesting concept, and one that is fairly new in the wedding industry. Think about it, I remember when people would put disposable cameras at each table at the reception for their guests to take photos with. This concept is a complete 180 to that train of thought. If it is something that you are interested in the post in Offbeat Bride does a great job explaining how to approach guests, how to explain to them the reasoning and importance to you that they are *really* present during your wedding, they also offer verbiage to help you convey the message through your programs, signs at your ceremony etc.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Is this something you might consider implementing at your wedding? Does it sound great in theory but not really practical?

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