day six. a fun way to save money for your wedding.

Did I just say fun and save money in the same sentence? Ahhhhh the saving money topic, seriously not one of my favorites. But, when I ran into this article on Offbeat Bride I almost lost it. Completely brilliant. Who would ever think that hearing a Lady Gaga song on the radio could help a couple save nearly $6800 in 15 months?!?!? Dora, the bride to be,  was so sick of hearing Lady Gaga on the radio, after changing the station several times only to hear yet another Lady Gaga song she sent a text to her fiance: “Geez. 3 Gaga songs on at a time. We should put a dollar in a jar every time we hear one.” And that is exactly what they did!!  In the course of 15 months they added another song, and also added a dollar every time they spotted someone wearing camo.

As soon as I read this I knew it was something Jamie and I should try. Saving money is so much easier/fun when it is made into a game. Our artists of choice are Adele and Coldplay. We have been saving for a month so far and have saved $250 – that’s a pretty good start and let me tell you it was completely painless. At this rate, we will have saved $3000 by next December. We could always up the ante and add another song, or situation – we’ll just have to see.


Do you have any unique or fun ways to save money? If you started a wedding jar what artist or song would you pick?

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