day seven. 5 ways to make a huge impact on your wedding photography

Wowza. This post was going to be way too big and is way too important to jam into one day and one post. So for the next five days I will be sharing what I believe are the five most important aspects of your wedding photography.

I truly believe that having an engagement session with the photographer that will shoot your wedding is one, if not the most important things you can do regarding your wedding photography. Let’s face it, most people are not comfortable having a camera in their face all day. Many of my couples feel like they have no idea what to do once we get to a location and I take out the camera. They feel uncomfortable with the idea of posing. Going through an engagement session allows my couples to get comfortable in front of the camera and in front of other people. What they soon realize is that “posing” is more natural than they would have ever imagined. Because I build relationships with my clients, I am attuned to what characterizes them as a couple and I work to first portray that through their engagement session.

I honestly believe that the best photographs occur when there is a relationship that is created between the person behind and in front of the lens. You learn to trust me as a photographer, and feel comfortable with my style and how I work, and I get some time to learn how you work as a couple, your personalities, quirks and expressions. By the end of the engagement session you won’t believe you were ever so nervous about getting in front of the camera, and most importantly it will be the last thing that you think about on the day of your wedding. Not to mention you will have beautiful photos to use for save the dates, invitations, guest book etc…

I love to help pick the location for your engagement session. Locations always vary between couples and should be based your preferences or lifestyle. We could shoot your engagement session where you were engaged or where you had your first date. We could set up at a park, in your home, at the beach, your favorite coffee house – the options are limitless. I love working with my couples to figure out the best location, where they will feel most comfortable and will be unique to their particular story. One of my most favorite, recent engagement sessions was based in a hangar where the groom to be works as a charter pilot.


If you give your all into anything make sure it is your photography. Do your research. Hire the photographer you want. Build a relationship with that person. Don’t settle for anything less. Trust me, you will be so thankful you did. Whatever you do, schedule an engagement session with your photographer. Get to see how they work, get comfortable, get great pictures.

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