day fifteen. THE ring.

When I think of engagement rings I can’t help but hear Beyonce’s song “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it” and invariably the song gets stuck in my head for hours…..but I digress……

The Romans adopted the custom of the metal wedding ring from the Egyptians. In early Rome, iron was the metal of choice rather than copper or brass used elsewhere. For the Romans, iron symbolized the strength of love a man felt for his chosen woman.

Ohhhhhh the engagement ring, it is one of the most exciting things (for most of us) about getting married. To me it is a symbol of love and commitment and nothing is more beautiful than that. I have never been into huge flashy engagement rings with designer names, it’s just not my style. If you have been reading along this month you will know that I am drawn to things in life that have character, that are unique, that represent a reflection of my personality. This is the same principal I held while looking for engagement rings and now for our wedding bands.  After Jamie proposed I really started to think more about what this ring means and symbolizes for us. I wanted a vintage ring, and the one that Jamie picked out for me is just perfect. To me vintage rings have timeless beauty and a magical quality about them. They have a story to tell – about romance, history, and values. I’m so excited to carry on these values and creating more stories – mine and Jamie’s – to add to the life of this ring.

Here is a photo of the ring Jamie picked out for me (I still catch myself staring at it sometimes, it’s that beautiful. corny? maybe, but it’s true!) He found it at Brilliant Earth which is an amazing resource if you are looking for vintage or ethically sourced diamond rings.

What do I have my eyes on for our wedding bands….I’m sure you are dying to know ; ) I don’t know how I happened to find them, but I am in love with every single ring made by Rust.

RUST holds firm to the concept of authenticity and craftsmanship. Our jewellery is handmade in London and our precious metals are hallmarked at the St.Paul’s Assay Office, London.
Our ideas come from the Antique markets around London, and from pictures in books about history. We love finding treasures and making them into jewellery or just being inspired by them.
‘Traditionally unusual’ is what we look for, and London is full of that!
“Traditionally unusual”?!?!? Where do I sign up!!
One of the reasons that I am so drawn to their jewelry is that each piece is handcrafted, which means not one is exactly alike. I love the notion that such love and commitment is put into making something that is a symbol of exactly that.
I also love that they are made in the country where Jamie was born, I think it adds one more level of amazingggggg to these rings for me.
My engagement ring was handcrafted in 1930, not one piece of it was casted. When we had it appraised we were shown the marks on the ring where you can see how the person who made it put it together. There is something magical about handcrafted jewelry. I would love to pair my vintage engagement ring with a modern wedding band that was also put together by a skilled jeweler with love and attention to detail for each piece. I think the combination between old (engagement ring) and new (wedding band) would be an awesome way to symbolize our past and future memories that we will be making together.
Sounds deep, I know, but I can’t help thinking like this. Especially about something that is so important and meaningful to me – a commitment to love and to be with my best friend for the rest of my life. Each person is different, but to me this is one of the most important parts of our wedding, it is something that we will wear for the rest of our lives to symbolize the commitment we have made to each other that day.
Which beautiful Rust ring would I love to put on my finger?
I love the delicate details and the milled edges (which would match perfectly with my engagement ring) I also love that there is a tiny spot to engrave something special.
If you have been reading along, I would love for you to share you engagement story in the comments below!


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