day eight. make sure your story is told.

Today is part two of the five ways to make a huge impact on your wedding photography. Yesterday I explained why it is so important to schedule an engagement session with the photographer that will be shooting your wedding. Today I want to share my thoughts on why I think a wedding photographer should be there for your whole wedding. That means full coverage. Beginning to end.

Wedding photography is storytelling. In order to tell a story their must be a beginning, middle and end. For this reason I believe that it is absolutely necessary for your photographer to be there with you documenting your day from the very beginning until the very end.

I want to be there when you are getting ready with your girls, coffee in hand, chatting away – sharing memories.

I’ll be there to document it. You should find a photographer who will do the same.

I want to be there when you see your husband to be for the first time and emotion is so high you can’t even think straight.

I’ll be there to document it. You should find a photographer who will do the same.

I want to be there when you walk down the aisle and share your vows and I want to be there when your cousin starts breakdancing in the middle of the reception.

I’ll be there to document it all, and you should find a photographer that wants to build that kind of relationship with you and your fiance. You shouldn’t have to worry about your photographer setting up shots, or looking at a clock to see how much time is left based on the contracted hours you came up with. You get married to the love of your life and your best friend one time. You should have the luxury of living in each moment and letting your story unfold.

You should be spending your time researching and finding a photographer that fits your style, your relationship and wedding – not about what package and options and add ons you need. I don’t like the idea of weddings being broken up into packages and options and add ons. I want to be there to tell the whole story, it’s that simple. That’s the kind of photographer I will seek out to capture my day – they are out there and it’s what we deserve.

Your photographer has the ability to give you a finished product that will let your relive and celebrate your wedding for a lifetime.

Personally, I can not think of anything more important than that.






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