Angela & Jason. married. Baker Beach, San Francisco

He said he knew he wanted to marry her after the very first time they met. Seven years after that first meeting Jason and Angela shared their vows with their closest family and friends at Baker Beach.

Love is crazy like that. 

I was invited to the rehearsal BBQ. Their friends welcomed me with open arms. We went on a morning hike through the coastal trails of San Francisco and gave gifts to the labyrinth. I shot a wedding on top of an artillery battery.

This is the stuff that inspires me. This is the stuff I live for.

Thank you for putting me on a plane to San Francisco to document your day. I am eternally grateful.

I love that my camera takes me places I might not have gone otherwise. I like to get out of my comfort zone, to explore, to create. It is always worth it. I have been bitten by the travel bug and I want more.

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Lindsey & Shuan. married. Rancho Palos Verdes

When Lindsey was a little girl her father gave her some advice: he told her to make sure that the man she married was her best friend. Lindsey took that advice to heart.

She met Shaun by chance during a cab ride and eight years later they married surrounded by amazing family and friends overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Sometimes… you just know.

Lindsey and Shaun have that contagious kind of love. Being in the midst of their wedding and celebration was a real treat. They emit such a joy and respect for one another.

Honestly, their wedding was filled with so much love.


This amazing wedding was coordinated by Beautiful Day.


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Lorraine Noble - Wow!! Beautiful photos! They really bring the wedding to life for those of us who were unable to attend!!
Lindsey… stunning as always, and you and Shaun are a lovely couple. These photos are enchanting, the wedding is every bit as magnificent as your mum said it was!
Looking forward to seeing the video! 🙂
Auntie Lorraine

If you are like me…

If you are like me you tell yourself the little details are not what is most important.

If you are like me you would rather coordinate off the cuff.

If you are like me you convince yourself it will all just end up coming together perfectly.

If you are like me, there is also this crazy girl voice whispering to you in the back of your head. She tells you that the details will definitely set the tone for your whole wedding, that there is no way to be spontaneous for a wedding; it must be planned, and that there is no way in hell it will all come together unless you pine away over every little detail.

It’s ok. Weddings bring out the crazy in the best of us. Try to stay grounded. Eat healthy, practice yoga, go for walks to clear your mind or make a fire in your backyard and drink beer with your fiance to celebrate finishing your save the dates.

Whatever you do, try not to let the crazy consume you.





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