Jenna & Bradley | Married | Boston, Massachusetts

What happens when you strip back the layers of a wedding?

What matters the most to you?

I dare to suggest that many ‘brides and grooms to be’ have a really hard time considering this while making their wedding plans. I must admit, in the midst of planning my own wedding I have become a victim to pinterest, wedding blogs, social media and expected norms.

It’s ok. That’s normal. 

To me, what’s most important is to not let this consume you. Each couple has to do what feels right to them. Invariably, what feels right varies (and should) from couple to couple.

Sometimes what feels right is meeting during an epic trip to Egypt.

Sometimes what feels right is planning the ultimate intimate wedding surrounded by only family.

Sometimes what feels right is taking a couple of hours with your photographer to explore a city that you love on your wedding day.

And sometimes, what feels right is ending that night surrounded by those very people that love you and sharing a meal to celebrate your union.

Your union as a married couple. Dedicated to one another. How appropriate to keep that sacred and to share that with only the people closest to you.

I dig it.

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Richard Clarke - Kirsten, this is a stunning set of images, packed full of emotion and love. Great job.

Debbie Neill - Kirsten you did an absolutely perfect job. Thank you for everything!!!

Michaela & Josh | Married | Laguna Hills, California

So this wedding has a pretty special and crazy backstory. Last year I held a contest for free wedding coverage through The Loveliest Day. Couples wrote in and explained a bit about their relationship, why photography was important to them and why having the opportunity to win the contest would mean the world. Emails started flying in. I was inspired, moved to tears and the deadline was approaching to pick only one couple out of all the lovely stories that had come through.

After I read Michaela’s email, I felt like I had an instant connection with her and Josh even though I had never met them. She so eloquently (and with a crazy touch of humor that only Michaela can pull off) explained their love – how they met, how he proposed, why photography was so important to them on their wedding day. I was drawn in. After a crazy bout of wedding planning and nailing down vendors and a venue Josh and Michaela finally tied the knot last weekend with a beautiful ceremony surrounded by amazing friends and family.

I was also assisted by a new second shooter who was a phenomenal help and added some beautiful photos of the day. Rich just moved from to California from England and I am excited to see him grow as a photographer in the States!


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Sita & Michael | Engaged | Los Angeles, California

Love is beautiful. 

I am completely floored that time and time again photography brings me into the lives of such amazing people. People who are completely devoted to each other. People that radiate friendship, warmth and love. People who I have just met, but instantly feel comfortable around. Love is definitely beautiful like that. 

We shot Sita and Michael’s engagement session at Sherwood Oaks Country Club. Although it was a bit cold and we ran into a little bit of rain, the atmosphere could not have been more beautiful.

Here is to an amazing end of 2012 and an exciting beginning of 2013. I could not be more thankful. 

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