day twenty. flowers, bouquets, DIY personal touches.

Lately I have been really into the idea of handmade bouquets. I like the idea of having something that will last forever that will help me remember my wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore beautiful flower arrangements – and I am not sure which route I would take on this one yet myself. Again, there is nothing like a professional creating a beautiful arrangement – that in itself is a piece of art. But I wanted to share with you a resource for a DIY bouquet and also arrangements from an etsy seller that I think would make a fabulous alternative flower arrangement for your wedding bouquet.

Disclaimer: I partially blame Brandi and Carlton for leading me down this path. Brandi’s handmade brooch bouquet (made by Carlton!) was absolutely stunning. It really was a piece of art. And it is something that Brandi will be able to treasure forever. Imagine being able to show this to your children and grandchildren while telling them all of your wedding stories:



If I was going to have someone make my bouquet it would definitely be the Etsy seller My Bohemian Summer. Her arrangements are so unique and they have a simple elegance about them. A little bit about the shop:

At My Bohemian Summer, we believe that our art should be beautiful, uniquely designed and timeless. Using paper as our medium with origami, kirigami and paper sculpting techniques, we take pride in every fold and cut. Our attention to detail helps up to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are far from the mundane.

We begin with eco-friendly and recycled paper and supplies. Then each piece is folded and cut into beautiful works of art that are low impact on the Earth.

I have lately been interested in combining old and new, past and present into my wedding. I think that there is something so beautiful about combining opposites. So, I was thinking it would be interesting to combine real and paper flowers in my bridal bouquet. I like that it has a touch of sentiment and a touch of natural beauty. I haven’t done much research on this concept yet, so if you know any resources or website along these lines feel free to share! I did find this DIY yourself tutorial combining real and paper flowers. There are literally TONS of tutorials on how to fold flowers, so it would be as simple as finding one that appeals to you, and pairing it with fresh flowers that would compliment your arrangement.

You can find this tutorial by Jesi Haack Designs here.

The other day I saw a beautiful bouquet of poppies and recycled book page flowers. It was gorgeous. But of course I didn’t bookmark it. If you have seen it or you do see it please share the link!!! I’ve been dying to find it again:)

What do you think of alternative bouquet ideas? Is this something you might implement in your own wedding? Have any more sources of information, tips…? Please share!




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day nineteen. being married is like having a color televsion set, you never want to go back to black and white.

I was going to save this video from Story Corps for my last post, but I am feeling a bit sentimental and really feel sharing it today.

Sometimes when I get all wrapped in wedding planning and working on my business it’s nice to come back to neutral.

This video does that.

I need that today.


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day eighteen. if you don’t use it you lose it?

I’m not quite sure how this blog title relates to the post, it pretty much has nothing to do with this blog post at all but I’m going to throw it out there anyway….

So, I’ve gone on about how important photography is especially on your wedding day. Why you should find the right photographer, why engagement sessions are important, and why I think your wedding photographer should be with you all day.

Now is the fun part.

What do you do with all those beautiful photos after your wedding? If you don’t do anythinggggg else, please order an album from your photographer. I work with Renaissance Albums, they are handcrafted in New York and guaranteed for a lifetime. There are no words to explain the feeling of holding this beautiful book in your hands when it is all done. Did I mention these books are drop dead gorgeous? Plus, it’s your story, your favorite photos, put together in an artistic design in one of the most beautiful albums you could ever imagine for you to share with your kids and grandkids. Does it get better than that? Personally, I can’t think of anything more fantastic:)

Invariably, your photographer will also offer sever other options and ways to help you print your photographs – gallery wraps, framed prints etc….

Most photographers include digital negatives in their wedding packages and I wanted to share with you two of my favorite DIY (photo inspired) projects I have found.

This photo transfer project from A Beautiful Mess looks awesome, and it’s really simple to do! Basically you get a laser copy of your photo and use a gel medium to transfer it to canvas. You can find the whole tutorial here. This is a more artistic spin on the canvas prints that you can order from your photographer. It also gives you a little artistic freedom, which is always fun.

This first time I tried this one, I got too excited to see the results and tried to rub off the paper after four hours. Seriously, let it sit over night, don’t even look at it….

Also, after putting down the photo in step three, I would take a credit card and smooth out the paper, make sure there aren’t any bubbles or ridges. Then leave it alone. All night.


This next one I have not tried yet, but it is on my list to try out for sure!

I found this idea on Apartment Therapy, they featured a printing tool from PosteRazor, a free down-loadable program that dissects raster images into pieces that can be printed out on your home printer and then reassembled for an awesome, gallery worthy piece of art on your wall. This could be an amazing, high impact piece that could literally transform a room.

If you take any of these projects on I would love to see how they turn out!!! Do you have any favorite DIY photo projects. I would love to know about them, leave a link in the comments and share : )





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day sixteen. living in the moment, unplugged…

I recently came across this blog post from Offbeat Bride and it really got me thinking.

The post is about guests leaving their cameras at home in order to be fully present at a wedding instead of getting wrapped up in taking photos of their own. I have noticed this more and more at weddings, as everyone usually has a phone with a camera. On top of it many people are connected through social networking sites, and can’t wait to get their photos up to share with their friends and family. It’s an interesting concept: do I film this moment and have it forever to watch again, or do I put my camera down and fully experience what is happening in the moment.

Sure, I could put up several photos to show what it looks like with everyone’s camera up at the ceremony or during the first dance etc, I could complain about people who get in the way because they are trying to take their own photos. However, that is not the point – for me anyway. As a photographer I am there to document your day, whether it be with 200 guests that all have cameras or 20 guests involved in an intimate ceremony. It is really up to the couple and what they feel comfortable with.

I am bringing up this point because it is an interesting concept, and one that is fairly new in the wedding industry. Think about it, I remember when people would put disposable cameras at each table at the reception for their guests to take photos with. This concept is a complete 180 to that train of thought. If it is something that you are interested in the post in Offbeat Bride does a great job explaining how to approach guests, how to explain to them the reasoning and importance to you that they are *really* present during your wedding, they also offer verbiage to help you convey the message through your programs, signs at your ceremony etc.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Is this something you might consider implementing at your wedding? Does it sound great in theory but not really practical?

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