day thirty. plus or minus a few ;)

So I planned 30 days of giving: tips, inspiration and advice from a wedding photographer and bride to be to share with readers some inside information I have come up with as a wedding photographer and a bride to be. I missed a few days when I took a last minute trip to Seattle, and then I missed more days when I made a last minute trip for New Years.

The short of all this is, the last seven days or so of giving haven’t gone as smoothly as planned.


I want to make up for it. In a pretty major way.

Tomorrow a huge give away, the first I have ever done, will be announced on one of my favorite blogs The Loveliest Day. Please check it out first thing in the morning. Spread the word, it’s going to be killer. I have to admit I am pretty excited about this one.

I also want to continue giving in another way, by sharing a weekly roundup of my favorite posts, ideas, inspiration on a weekly basis. I do tons of research as a wedding photographer, and I am doing even more wedding research now that I am a bride to be. While I love the idea of creating a completely separate blog to share and track my journey to marriage I figure why not share it on my wedding photography site. Once a week, awesome information….I’ll gather up all the info I find and share with you my favorite stuff.

More on that next week. In the mean time, wake up, check out The Loveliest Day first thing tomorrow morning – it will be the best day of giving to date!

Tis’ the season;)


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day twenty four. thoughts & calligraphy.

Everyone is afraid of failure. Afraid that what they are doing isn’t good enough so they stop trying. Sometimes I feel that way with my business. It’s something that is so personal, it’s a reflection of myself and my art. Each business decision that I make it is like putting a piece of my heart out on the line and hoping that people like what I’m throwing out there. Because all that I really want to do is meet amazing people, to be a part of their story, take beautiful photos that they can treasure and remember a moment of their life with, develop as an artist and as a person. Man, there is a lot weighing on that dream.

That’s what this is all about.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel like I want to be doing more than I am doing now. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things the wrong way. I worry because failure is uncomfortable. But we aren’t growing as people if we aren’t a little uncomfortable at times and beautiful things usually don’t develop from complacency.

It will happen, I don’t give up. And I am always working to fight the fear of failure.

Wow. So those are my thoughts for tonight…sometimes it’s nice just to write them down.

Back to sharing : )

I love this post on DIY wedding calligraphy from Knotty Bride. If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, it is one of the most resourceful if not entertaining wedding blogs out there and this calligraphy tutorial is definitely something I would like to try out even if I don’t end up making my own wedding invites. I love lettering and design so this is right up my alley.

Click here to find the complete DIY tutorial included a supplies list and more beautiful examples…

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.


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day twenty three. back from a brief holiday intermission :)

So I kind of disappeared for the past few days, but I am ready to resume my thirty days of giving….hey thirty days is thirty days right?

I actually made a last minute trip to Seattle to be with my fiance for Christmas. Jamie is a charter pilot so last minute trips are something that we have gotten accustomed to (but never used to). Luckily, this time we were able to arrange a trip for me to be with him in Seattle for Christmas. Which was AWESOME because Seattle is one of my all time favorite cities. (Disclaimer, I would LOVE to have the opportunity to shoot a wedding there <3)

We had an amazing and relaxed Christmas browsing the shops, going out to eat, and relaxing at our hotel. It was an amazing holiday:)

So now, back to some of my favorite DIY wedding ideas…

I have recently become obsessed with the idea of terrariums, I’ve seen them skewed across Pinterest and these minature gardens displayed under glass is just so appealing to me so when I saw this DIY terrarium place holder from Green Wedding Shoes I immediately book marked it into my wedding folder.

I was thinking that you could even make something bigger or as a part of a collection for a centerpiece. These place holders could also be taken home as favors for your guests. Awesome.

You can find the whole tutorial here on Green Wedding Shoes and it was submitted by Jessica + Garett over at Wednesday. They have an amazing collection of DIY ideas that are definitely worth checking out as well.

Hope you all had an amazing holiday, if you know of anyone who got engaged during the holidays please send them this way to take advantage of my 30 days of giving.

I would also be completely psyched and extremely grateful if you shared my portfolio with anyone you know that is planning an upcoming wedding and researching wedding photographers.

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day twenty two. natural projects to inspire you.


I like the idea of using natural elements in my wedding and these DIY artichoke wedding ideas from Ruffled are beyond awesome.

Check out this blog post with more details on how to prepare artichokes as hanging bud vases and candle holders:


I love this idea of making your own stationary (or wedding invitations!) from Martha Stewart. The head of a of Treviso radicchio is used to make a roselike print – seriously so beautiful.

Find all the instructions for this simple yet stunning idea here.




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day twenty one. 10 days of my favorite diy and etsy goodness

For the last ten days I want to share my favorite DIY wedding tutorials and Etsy sellers.

This is some of my favorite stuff.

I love creating and I love and appreciate others who create products that can be used to put together a meaningful and unique wedding.

I’m excited to share my favorite finds with you….

I am all about taking on a few high impact DIY projects for our wedding. I think a ceremony backdrop is definitely something that I could accomplish and would be really meaningful. This DIY ombre fabric backdrop tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes is a stunning, high impact and seems incredibly simple to make.

Find the complete tutorial here.


Some personal and exciting news: I will be flying up to Seattle to spend Christmas with Jamie!! He had a last minute charter and while I was initally completely bummed out and sad that I would be without him on Christmas, we figured out a way for me to spend a couple of days with him there. Seattle is one of my favorite cities and I couldn’t be more stoked!!! It’s a little Christmas miracle ; ) 

Anyone have any suggestions for food, entertainment, things you must do in Seattle, please share!! 



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