Sara & Kurt’s Wedding | Longboat Key Club | Sarasota, Florida

The other day I was reading an editorial piece in a magazine, when I came across a statement that hit home on how I feel as a wedding photographer.

Ellie Kemper said:

“For me, Sunday morning means three things: a large and colorful doughnut, my very last clean bra of the week, and the local wedding announcements. Sweet or corny, somber or silly, these brief portraits of other people’s weddings give me a sense of profound and unadulterated hope.”

How lucky am I to partake in the most important and beautiful day in the lives of two people?

The images at hand are from Sara and Kurt’s wedding at the Longboat Key Club. They were taken while second shooting with Mollie Grady. Before the wedding, I hung out with the guys and took their getting ready photos. What a hoot. Sara and Kurt were definitely the friendliest and warmest couple. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed their wedding.

We had so much fun taking pictures after the ceremony with Sara, Kurt, and their brothers and sister. I was constantly laughing. They were great!

Mollie had the group do the infamous jump shot – this has to be some of the best jump poses I have ever seen!

Seriously, these guys had some of the best speeches I have heard. They were the perfect combination between witty and serious. It was a perfect tribute  to an awesome couple!

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Jaimie & Brandon’s Wedding | Jungle Island | Miami, Florida

Jaimie and Brandon are “that” couple – and by “that” couple I mean two people that just work together. After meeting them for the first time the one thing that I could sense right away was their undeniable friendship.  It was a beautiful thing and it carried over into the ceremony and the reception. These two are so full of life and love and energy. I was constantly smiling while I was shooting second shooting their amazingly beautiful wedding at Jungle Island with Mollie. I hope these images speak for themselves.:)

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