Wilder’s homebirth | Monterey, California

Some of the best stories have no words… <3

Midwife: Caroline Cusenza

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Shanna Torres - <3 <3 <3

Karress Slattery - Absolutely Beautiful!!

Rochelle Kolar - So i cried and I don’t even know them. Beautiful as always Kirsten.

Darla Sparks - Beautiful Kirsten !!

Alison Elizabeth Bigley - Gorgeous capture of an amazing time. Wow.

Caryn Fields - Stunning my friend ❤️

Jessica James - Awesome job! Felt like I was there ;) ) and re-living my own experience.

Jocelyn Maness Golden - Beautiful moments. My strong daughter and wonderful son in law well portrayed. Helped me be there but in a different way this time. Thank you…Grandma Golden or GG if you prefer.

Kasey Baker - Geez… That is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I hope I look as beautiful as you did. You guys make beautiful children. Maybe two isn’t enough ;)

Andrea Huehnerhoff - and of course I cry when the baby appears <3