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Sita & Michael | Engaged | Los Angeles, California

Love is beautiful.

I am completely floored that time and time again photography brings me into the lives of such amazing people. People who are completely devoted to each other. People that radiate friendship, warmth and love. People who I have just met, but instantly feel comfortable around. Love is definitely beautiful like that.

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Rochelle & Rob | Las Vegas | Engagement

Rochelle and Rob were the first people that I met when I moved out to Las Vegas, and they have turned into two incredible friends. Rochelle and Rob got engaged shortly after Jamie proposed to me and Rochelle and I have had fun planning and throwing wedding ideas back and forth. We started our engagement…

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Brandi & Carlton | Engagement

Brandi and Carlton have a dynamic that you wouldn’t believe. They are so happy and compliment each others personalities so well that you can help but smile when you are around them. I can not wait until their wedding in November – it’s going to be a blast!

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