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Michael & Sita | married | California Club, Los Angeles

Some people create their own magic.

Their magic picks you up and immerses you in a whirlwind of stories, amazing people and love and somehow at the same time it keeps you grounded so that everything can be seen so clearly.

That’s Michael and Sita. They create their own magic.

Sometimes this profound feeling sweeps over me that reminds me I am exactly where I am supposed to be; telling stories, learning about other people, about traditions. This past weekend being a witness to that magic which surrounds Michael and Sita, I knew.

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Tori & Andrew | Married | Bodega Bay

Sometimes beautiful things happen by chance.

After graduating from college, you don’t expect to move to a small Wyoming town and fall for the editor of a local newspaper who has hired you as a journalist. You don’t expect to develop an amazing friendship that then leads to beautiful adventures and develops into an amazing love.

But that’s Tori and Andrew’s story; and sometimes when you least expect it, chance completely takes you by storm.

Friends and family flew to Bodega Bay from all over the country to celebrate Tori and Andrew’s love and to send them off to begin the rest of their adventures together as husband and wife.

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Jenna & Bradley | Married | Boston, Massachusetts

What happens when you strip back the layers of a wedding? What matters the most to you? I dare to suggest that many ‘brides and grooms to be’ have a really hard time considering this while making their wedding plans. I must admit, in the midst of planning my own wedding I have become a…

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Michaela & Josh | Married | Laguna Hills, California

So this wedding has a pretty special and crazy backstory. Last year I held a contest for free wedding coverage through The Loveliest Day. Couples wrote in and explained a bit about their relationship, why photography was important to them and why having the opportunity to win the contest would mean the world. Emails started flying in. I was inspired, moved to tears and the deadline was approaching to pick only one couple out of all the lovely stories that had come through.

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rochelle & rob. married. st. petersburg, florida

I just got back home to Los Angeles from a month of shooting in Florida. I was a part of two wonderful friend’s weddings and I couldn’t feel more blessed; my heart is so full.

Rob and Rochelle got married at the beautiful and unique Postcard Inn in St. Petersburg, Florida and shared a an amazing ceremony and evening with friend’s and family.

Shooting a good friend’s wedding is such a special thing.

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